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Last update: February 1st, 2011

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Welcome to friendlyGIS®

friendlyGIS® - 10 years

Dear clients and interessents,

In case you have been here before, you may know the old homepage, which was all about the SW-Lookup® product.

Ok - it was outdated, completely outdated...

Mea culpa! This old homepage came from the beginnings of friendlyGIS® and has been outdated at least since 2005, when the development of SW-Lookup® had been stopped. The story about SW-Lookup® can be found here

There was a lot of talking about "we" there - but times have changed. So, we may now become I.

In fact, friendlyGIS® earned its money during the last ten years by developing individual solutions, in different areas, and the name Höger-Hansen has achieved good reputation when it comes to Smallworld® software.

So, should you wish competent consultance concering Smallworld® GIS - or another area I am familiar with - just ask me. I guarantee to answer it honestly, even if I should not be able to help you.

I kept this homepage simple by intention - it is generated from a few XML files using proprietary scripts.

I decided to reduce it to the essential and get rid of bells and whistles.

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